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Default Inserting Multi-page PDF variable graphics

This sample job shows how multiple variable PDF graphic files, each of an unknown page-count, can be inserted into a FusionPro template as inline graphics into a text frame. This sample includes all sample files and heavily commented JavaScript that shows how this logic is created.

To accomodate the varying and unknown page count as well as number of PDF graphics to be inserted in each record, the advanced "Automatic Page Insertion" option in FusionPro is used. This option, also called "Page Overflow" is a function of a variable text frame. Designed initially to accomodate varying text content length, the functionality also allows for multiple graphic file insertions and is a great solution when each data record requires an unknown and possibly extremely variable set of variable graphics.

Pay special attention to the variable frame settings especially the size of the frames and the settings in the "Paragraph" dialogue (inside of the variable text editor).
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