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Default Re: Adobe CS4

Hi all,

We wanted to thank everyone that took part in this poll.

In case you haven't heard, I'm happy to report (drum-roll, please) that Printable will be supporting both Acrobat 9 and InDesign CS4 in the next major release of the FusionPro VDP suite - FusionPro VDP 6.0!

We haven't announced any other details of the 6.0 release publicly yet, but there are a number of POWERFUL new features that will be included so stay tuned to the forums for more details. From what we've been hearing from customers these past couple months as well as reading here in the user forums, we expect the VDP 6.0 feature-set to be very well received.

As for the release timeframe on 6.0, I can say that we are now measuring this in WEEKS, so it's just around the corner...

Meanwhile, the VDP team is also continuing work on addressing issues discovered in the FusionPro 5.8 for Mac release. These issues stem from a 3rd party component that is part of the FusionPro VDP engine itself. We have been working closely with the vendor of this component as well as re-working select parts of the underlying FusionPro VDP infrastructure that talks to this component.

We've been making good progress with this 5.8 Mac work and our QA team continues to focus on testing around the areas of the product where this 3rd party component is utilized. This is all to ensure that when 5.8 for Mac is released, it will be of acceptable high-quality for our customers.

So, you read it right - we will be releasing 5.8 for Mac to meet our VDP 5.x customer commitments as well as releasing FusionPro VDP 6.0 to address the Acrobat 9/InDesign CS4 need and all of this is expected to happen in a matter of weeks...

Hope you all are looking forward to these 2 releases as much as we are! We'll share more details soon...
--Mark Hilger
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