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Default Re: Multiple fields in data matrix

Creating a Data Matrix barcode is simple. You have to know which encoding mode you need and use it in the script.
Here is the syntax:

return MakeDataMatrixBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde, EncodingMode,PreferredFormat, PointSize, NoFontTag, Font)

So click “Create Rules>>New(text)>>>Empty Rule. Give the Rule a name.
Enter the code. Change the fieldname to match your data file.

var dataforbarcode = Field(“mydatafield”);//etc…
var dmbarcodeobj = new DataMatrixBarcode;
dmbarcodeobj.encodingmode = "base256";
dmbarcodeobj.pointSize = 12;
return dmbarcodeobj.Make(dataforbarcode);

• Data – The data that will be encoded. This can be one or more fields from your data, a result of another rule, etc.
• Process Tilde – When set to "true", the format ~ddd is used to specify the ASCII code ofthe encoded character. For example, if the following text is entered in the Data field,
~029AB it will be encoded as GSAB where GS is a delimiter ASCII 29 character. This can be used in a single string to encode GS and RS characters (GS = ASCII 29 and RS =ASCII 30). Other commonly used ASCII codes are ~009 for a tab and ~013 which is a return function. These are useful when encoding multiple fields in a single symbol. Thedefault is false.
• Encoding Mode –
There are four encoding methods:
• ASCII – encodes data that contains the first 128 ASCII characters.
• C40 – encodes data that contains numeric and upper case characters.
• TEXT –encodes data that contains both numeric and lowercase characters.
• BASE256 – encodes 8 bit values.

Now insert this Rule from the “Variable” drop box in the Variable Text Editor.
Do not apply the font. The script will return the font. Test and compose.
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