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Question QR codes in DSF


Maybe this is not a topic for this forum, but I'll give it a shot:

In FusionPro I created a template for a business card with a QR-code on it. Because the QR-code has to be green, I used the text-variant, using this code

var EncodingMode = "String";
var ErrorCorrectionMode = "L";
var PreferredFormat = "0";
var PointSize = "4";
var NoFontTag = false;
var Font = "IDAutomation2D";
var ProcessTilde = false;

var FieldOrRuleToEncode =

    "N:"  +Field("Achternaam") + ";" + Field("Voornaam")  + "\n"+
    "ADR;TYPE=WORK:"+ ";;" + Rule("getStraat") + ";" + Rule("getStraatPostcode") + ";;"
                            + Rule("getStraatPlaats") + ";" + Rule("getStraatLand")+"\n"+
    "ADR;TYPE=OTHER:"+ ";;" + Rule("getPostbus") + ";" + Rule("getPostbusPostcode") + ";;"
                            + Rule("getPostbusPlaats") + ";" + Rule("getPostbusLand")+"\n"+
    "TEL;TYPE=cell:"+ Field("Mobiel")+"\n"+
    "TEL;TYPE=work:"+ Field("tel. Werk")+"\n"+
    "TEL;TYPE=fax:"+ Field("Fax werk")+"\n"+
    "EMAIL;TYPE=WORK:"+ Field("E-mail")+"\n"+
    "URL:"+ Field("URL")+"\n"+
    "ORG:" + Rule("getBusiness")+"\n"+
    "TITLE:"+ Field("Functie")+"\n"+

//return FieldOrRuleToEncode;
var DataToEncode = FieldOrRuleToEncode;
return MakeQRBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde,
          EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat,
          PointSize, NoFontTag, Font);
There is a drop-down menu so the customer can pick his address which is filled out automatically. That's why there are "+rule" in this code.

Offline this works great. But when I create a template, upload it to DSF and generate a business card in DSF, I can't read the QR-code anymore.

Maybe this is related to the character-set?
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