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Default Re: Alphabetize a list

Hi Dan,
Good stuff!
Well to answer your question regarding HOW the user would input the list ...

This is for a printOne site, so my options are:

1. Create 50 blank fields, and allow the user to enter (up to) 50 names. (Then I suppose I'd aso have to have 50 more fields, for the phone numbers). This makes for a very large form that the user has to fill out. And what happens when the user has MORE than 50 entries? I'd have to add even more fields. So I guess this method is not practical.

2. The second option (as far as I know) is to present the user with one large multi-line text box and say "Type all of your names and phone numbers in here, separated by a comma" (or some other type of delimiter). It would probably look messy but this is the only other input method I can think of. (Having the user upload a data file of some sort would not be practical (not for this client anyway))

So some questions...

1. Instead of asking the user to enter one long, continuous line of names and phone numbers separated by commas, CAN the user simply press the return key after each name/number pair is entered?

In other words can they enter this...
John Smith 858-123-4567
Adam Rodriguez 986-456-7894
Robert Hoo 201-457-7847

... instead of this...
John Smith 858-123-4567, Adam Rodriguez 986-456-7894, Robert Hoo 201-457-7847

2. Assuming this multi-line text box can accept this data, and assuming the name of the text box is txtAccounting, can you help me construct the correct JavaScript code?

3. Where exactly do I put this code? Do I place it inside of OnRecordStart ?
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