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Red face Alphabetize a list

I am trying to create an on-line FusionPro template of a "phone book".

I want to offer the following functionality:

- User enters (into one large text box?) a list of names and corresponding phone numbers.

- when they click the 'Refresh Preview' button (i.e. onRecordStart?), the list they entered is returned, sorted alphabetically.

Is it possible to write a JavaScript rule that does this?

Here's one thing to keep in mind...
For each NAME, I need to associate a PHONE NUMBER

So for example, if I enter the following data:
John Smith 858-123-4567
Adam Rodriguez 986-456-7894
Robert Hoo 201-457-7847

... I should get this back:
Adam Rodriguez 986-456-7894
John Smith 858-123-4567
Robert Hoo 201-457-7847

(The list was sorted alphabetically, and the phone numbers "moved" with the corresponding name)

Can I bribe someone with an gift certificate if they can help me pull this off?
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