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Default Images download from MLS

I have FP Producer v 10.0.3 installed on Windows Server 2012 r2 and am trying to pull property images down from the MLS system using urls contained in an excel file. I have had this running perfectly for several years and just recently moved FP Producer to the a new Windows Server 2012 r2 and now when I compose, I get the following error:

“Rule_Listings, line 125: Error: In CreateResource(), resource "" does not exist”

It works fine when previewing in FP Designer. I am thinking that there has to be some kind of security setting that needs to be turned off in Windows Server 2012 as my previous server (Windows Server 2008 r2) did not have this problem.

Phil Hemingway
FP Producer 10.0.3
Windows Server 2012 r2
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