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Default Re: Location of Email field based on CopyFit

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the quick reply.

The error log says:

Job started 17:02:06 - 1459458126.
Creator: FusionPro(TM) VDP Designer 9.3.21

Composing record #1, input record 6
OnCopyfit, line 6: warning: Could not copyfit text in flow TextBoxLeft
The amount of text inserted into a flow exceeds the depth
of all frames in the flow <TextBoxLeft>.  Text is truncated.
Text does not fit in the last frame on page 1 at (0.22, 0.72).
Job ended 17:02:07 - 1459458127.
Total Job Time: 1s
Using your modified code, it made the content of TextBoxLeft disappear, but the content of TextBoxRight also needs to disappear.
Eric Carbone
IT/Project Manager, MOR Printing Inc.

Windows 10 |Adobe Acrobat XI | FusionPro 9
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