Thread: I'm Having Trouble getting a certain font!
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Default getting a certain font!

I've looked thru the "Fonts" threads & have tried a few things..

But I can't get "proximanova-regular-webfont.ttf" to load for a variable text frame!

"Load new fonts"
"Load all fonts"
Put the font in the Mac's /Library/Fonts folder
Put the font in /Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro/Fonts folder
Activated in Suitcase
Restarted Acrobat & FusionPro after "Load all/new fonts"
Restarted the Mac itself

That font won't show up in my text frame list! ( other Proxima Nova's do, but not "regular"!

Help? ( I admit I'm a newbie at this, but... I'm getting variable graphics to switch out, etc. pretty proud of myself there, I just need this one font available!!!)

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