Thread: I'm Having Trouble Storing User-Defined Functions
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Default Storing User-Defined Functions

I've read in the user guide that I can supposedly add a .js file to the Plugins folder so that I can have my most common functions easily available.
However, I've never been able to get it to work. I write the file just as the guide says, but it seems to have an issue with Line 1. Here is what I'm trying to use. Whenever I pull up the building blocks, it tells me "line 1: SyntaxError: illegal character:"

Presets = new Object;
Presets.LBLNUM =  function (str)
	return Int(Field(\“LBLNMBR\”));
Presets.LBLNUM.description = “Remove Leading Zeroes from Label Number”
Presets.LBLNUM.syntax = "LBLNUM(<string>)";
I've found in other places that sometimes the user guides have typos or are missing something in order to get the code to work correctly. Is that the case here or does this function just not work?
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