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Default Help needed if there is a way to have variable check boxes

So I have this client who works with multiple organizations when they do these appeal mailings. In this case, twice now he has a reply card in which from his data file in Fusion Pro I bring in these dollar amounts as a variable.

What he further wants is if there is a dollar amount brought in, he wants a check symbol to be inserted into a check box that comes before the dally amount variable.

They way I achieved this was after doing my work in Fusion Pro, I would compose the document, then import that final composed document into InDesign and manually put in check boxes where they needed to be.

I don't know if it would be a variable image of check box, or just simply a Dingbat font check.

Looking for any guidance or assistance in achieving something that can be done all at once within Fusion Pro.

I was hoping to attach a visual of what I am referring to, but can't seem to upload an image, when I click insert image it asks for a link to the image, I just want to upload directly.

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