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Default Re: with fusion pro in DSF

DSF can use the Define HTML Form option on the FusionPro menu. This allows you to create "Single-line" string entry fields or "Multi-line" text areas for any of the text fields in your data source. In both instances you can restrict the number of characters allowed. You may also create a "Pick List" with varying settings. FusionPro generates an HTML preview for testing, although it does not generate a proof in the preview.

Once saved and collected, FusionPro generates an XML file that you upload into DSF with the other FusionPro files, which allows for the form interaction (as previewed) to generate a proof. All that being said, I have never used DSF, I have only had the process demoed and it seems easy enough. If you have further questions about the process inside of DSF, I would check with their user forum or with EFI directly.

Hope this helps
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