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Question Re: Possible to use CopyfitLine with "Do not break on copyfit"?

As a quick follow-up... out of curiosity, I removed the space in the field value, and while the copyfit did occur, it is still breaking to two lines, even though it could copyfit to a lower point size.

The javascript validates to the below:
<f name="Helvetica Neue"><z newsize=9.5><z newsize=7.800000000000006>EdwardHanrahanhfewfwerewr
However, I have in my rule to allow it to copyfit down to 6.5pt. I can't figure out why it stops at 7.8pt and continues to want to break.

As an aside, I have the same rule being applied to another field (email address) in the same text box, and the email address version works flawlessly. Is it possible the two rules are conflicting with one another?

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