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Default Email an output pdf file.

I've been asked to inquire about the ability of FusionPro (Desktop, Producer or otherwise) in any ability to automatically email an output file to a customer's address. I do know that PTI has partnered with Exact Target for the capability of doing mass emails but I recall that there is a checkbox in the composition menu of the desktop version of FusionPro for an "email address". However this can only be activated when the box for "Use FusionPro Producer on Scheduler" is checked. When I check that box (even though we do have Producer available to us) another box comes up and declares that the connection to Producer has failed. Has anyone ever used that functionality to send an output file to a specific client's email address? Or has anyone ever been able to figure another way to automate emailing of output from FusionPro Producer (API) and how do you variable program the email address?

Thank you for any help that you can give.
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