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Unhappy Changing Fonts for Characters

I currently have 3 rules to change the numbers in the specific field to a different font. These rules work.

return Field("Address").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');
return Rule("RuleFaxFormat").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');
return Rule("RulePhoneFormat").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');
I need assistance with the following:

1. Including change in font size & leading for the numbers: Font size with Gotham Medium should be 7pt with 8.4pt leading

2. Including ( ) and - characters in the phone & fax rules

If someone can use the phone or fax rule above to show me how to do this, I can then apply it to the others.

All help will be much appreciated.

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