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Default Re: Which Mac OS Version Do You Use?

Great question, Stack. As you may have heard, Adobe has said that the next release of their Creative Suite will not support PowerPC Macs either. Read about it here on the Adobe website. While I do not have any knowledge of when CS5 will hit the streets, analysts are predicting that Adobe will stick to its 18-month release cycle. So, we may be looking at CS5 in late Q1 or early Q2 of 2010.

Supporting both Intel-Mac and PowerPC adds considerable overhead to our development, QA, and Support efforts. This overhead takes time away from core feature enhancements to the VDP product family that our users have requested over the years. You should see my whiteboard which has a number of VDP enhancements under consideration that I'm certain will resonate quite well with the users of the VDP products. As a Product Manager, I need to balance the delivery timeframe on that list against our support of a hardware platform hasn't been sold for 4 years....

While we do still support PowerPC, we eventually will likely drop this support in the future. We haven't made an official decision on this yet nor do we have a timeframe in mind. However, I can promise that WHEN we do decide to drop PPC support, there will be ample warning to our user community so you can best prepare.

Thanks for bringing this up, Stack!
--Mark Hilger
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