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printmeister September 30th, 2015 08:33 AM

PDF upload placed in EFI Digital StoreFront product
I have created a template for a 2-page blank postcard that will be a variable data product in EFI's Digital StoreFront (DSF).
The buyer will upload a 2-page PDF, with each page to be placed as a graphic in the product, and the buyer will view a preview before ordering.

So I have created a revised FusionPro test product with:
1) a 2pg blank PDF
2) 1 Graphic frame on the front
3) the HTML field set to Graphic Upload
4) the simplest graphic rule to CreateResource from an uploaded file to that field
5) a resource file to be placed in the frame if the uploaded file cannot be found

In a test order, uploading an image file yields "Upload Completed Successfully", but clicking Update Preview yields the error "An error occurred uploading the file. The uploaded file had a zero length."

I have tried this about a dozen different ways, none of them have worked, and so I have just about come to the conclusion that this is broken in DSF.
I submitted it to DSF Support, but was curious: Do any FusionPro/DSF users in this forum have this working?

My collected zip file is here: Link


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