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dwhetzel February 11th, 2009 05:46 PM

FP Imposer built in page sizes
We just installed FPD about a week ago. So far it's been very easy to learn.
I just have one question about FP Imposer and the built in page sizes. I would like to add some custom page sizes permanently. I poked around in the package files and the prefs. I don't see any place to add them. Is this possible or are they hardcoded in the app and I have to keep entering in the custom page size. I know I could save a .fpi file with the page size in it. I was just curious if there is another way.


mhilger February 12th, 2009 07:08 AM

Re: FP Imposer built in page sizes
Hello Dave,

Welcome to FusionPro and we're glad to hear your finding it easy to learn!

The built-in sizes in FusionPro Imposer are hard coded so there's no way to add your own to this list. That's a good enhancement request though - I'll add it to our enhancement queue.

Your idea of using a standard FPI file that has the sheet size pre-set is spot on with what I would recommend.

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