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  1. Variable graphics with less than 100% opacity
  2. vps makes blanks
  3. Creating pads with columns of sequenced numbers
  4. Font scaling at large point sizes
  5. Help with variable frames
  6. Using Copyfit when two different font sizes are used on the same line
  7. Bleed not exporting
  8. A couple of aggravating issues...
  9. Output to multiple files not working
  10. Penmanship
  11. Multiple Computers?
  12. Creating Transparent Text
  13. PPML files have no bleed
  14. Images will not preview
  15. Bleeds not composing to VPS
  16. Question about variable images in variable text
  17. Male or Female Name Recognition
  18. problem with static images printing high res in jlyt
  19. Changing text color based on background variable?
  20. Maximum Sheet Size
  21. Paragraph Formatting Tags - Space Above
  22. Bar Code - Zip Code issues
  23. Versioned Mousepad
  24. 1200 resources
  25. Previewing on Desktop - will not preview once upload to a PrintOne
  26. Multi output file name
  27. 5.8P1m
  28. Access page number within a rule
  29. Fonts appear to not be collecting
  30. Export from IND CS3
  31. Can't get ExternalDataFile to work
  32. Firewall preventing FusionPro from activating
  33. Curved Type in 5.1 (Mac)
  34. OnJobStart Again!
  35. Create A Payment Coupon Book
  36. Use Input Date File Name For Output File Name
  37. FusionPro - Mac vs Windows
  38. Bogus Errors In my MSG log
  39. Duplex Postscript on an HP9000
  40. Using the same graphic at two different sizes
  41. PC fonts on a Mac
  42. Need help with a Script for PrintFusion Desktop
  43. Circular text frames
  44. Unable to select rotated object
  45. FP imposed VPS rotates sheets at Creo
  46. Pages on Different Media
  47. Graphics switch
  48. Page sizes
  49. GTIN Barcode
  50. Need Help With Business Card Template
  51. Each Record including a different size PDF
  52. Indesign CS4
  53. Copyfitting Multiple Lines & Suppressing When Empty
  54. Custom Commands for Digimaster PS
  55. Decimals are not shown on text frames
  56. Multiple Copies Based on Value in Data
  57. Page Usage and Overflow Pages
  58. Drop Shadow on White Text
  59. Cover Page Folowed by a PDF File
  60. File Naming Help
  61. Base64 to gif or jpg
  62. Calling variable pages
  63. Trouble: VDX and Unicode, non-Latin data
  64. Reverse Pages on Output?
  65. 2D barcodes
  66. Strokes on Variable text
  67. double spacing
  68. Need to place an alert message in Compostion window
  69. Using a corrected indesign file
  70. Force 2nd page to be black/white only
  71. Change color of a box with Rule
  72. Bar Width Adjustment
  73. Composing records by field in data file
  74. Trying to figure out how to uninstall Fusion Desktop
  75. Indesign CS3 plug-in for MAC and PC
  76. Line Spacing - 1 Variable - losing format
  77. Widows
  78. Photo vs. No Photo on a business card
  79. Application Error closing Acrobat
  80. Question about FusionPro 6 when it arrives.
  81. How to example of creating a Template
  82. easy
  83. What's the max PDF version that FP supports?
  84. Acrobat Reader error after composing
  85. suppress graphic based on user selection
  86. Rules Will Not Delete All The Way
  87. What is pst-30.dos error mean?
  88. Compose speed issue
  89. PostScript on an HP Indigo
  90. ExternalDataFileEx For Loop
  91. Skip record if overflow page is used
  92. Graphic Text Box not working
  93. Kerning problems with large fonts
  94. Quotation marks in rule
  95. Screening Graphics
  96. Copyfit issue
  97. Text Frame Object
  98. Graphic next to variable text
  99. Another Composing Speed question
  100. Problems composing existing files
  101. Font of PROOF overprint
  102. How to compose a range of records?
  103. Output file based on field value
  104. ExternalData File Field Array Loop
  105. Data Character Issues
  106. Script needed for Capital N
  107. Export with flatten option
  108. Rule for adding Suite
  109. Help with barcode Font!
  110. Preview issue with one file
  111. PPML Problems
  112. PostNet Barcode Rule
  113. Inefficient Code
  114. Frame Properties and preview window not displaying
  115. which output format to use
  116. Smallest Font size in Variable text editor
  117. Newbie question about font selection.
  118. Need help with a simple rule
  119. Indesign CS2 Crashing
  120. "Use Local Fonts" in Acrobat - Font Issues
  121. Help in selecting pdf page number
  122. Removing a character if a field returns a certain value
  123. 2 issues, 1 font, 1 textwrap
  124. FusionPro Desktop & Fiery for Xerox 4112
  125. Variable Maps
  126. Image Rotation Not Correct
  127. return up to 5 numbers separated with commas
  128. Add a Column of Numbers
  129. Change text positioning based on a graphic's height?
  130. Fusion Pro multiple records
  131. Non-rectangular variable text frames?
  132. PDF as uploadable graphic?
  133. Upgrade to 6.0
  134. overprinting text
  135. Drop shadow problems
  136. Can't get Fusion Pro to process more than 1 record
  137. Javascript and ODBC
  138. Copying FP structure to new file
  139. Overflow Page Issue
  140. Returned values break over two pages
  141. Distiller Settings
  142. Date Rules
  143. Table markup in a rule.
  144. Trouble with Text Wrapping
  145. Images change to Low Res on export from InDesign
  146. New Imposition forum
  147. Rules Help needed
  148. alignment in table cells
  149. More Trouble with Text Wrapping
  150. body page does not have master page assigned"?
  151. Acrobat 9.1 support!
  152. Integration from InDesign CS4 - 'export as variable' not working?
  153. Copy only certain rules to another file?
  154. Drop Shadow on Graphic?
  155. Help glueing the legs ona table!!!
  156. Copyfitting two separate text frames to the same size
  157. Cannot preview when basing logic on FusionPro.Composition.inputfilename
  158. PPML Output: What Do I Print?
  159. Text Not Black
  160. PPML Resolution (Rasterization?)
  161. Spot colors convert to process in JLT
  162. Help with Template Feature
  163. nested tables?
  164. template page samples?
  165. Type help
  166. VPS transparency issues
  167. Cap Small Cap
  168. VPS RIPping very slow compared to XMPie version
  169. Multi-threading possible?
  170. Selecting store locations based on ZIP Code
  171. FP does not retain soft returns from InDesign
  172. Drop shadow help
  173. 1-color black changing to 4-color
  174. PPML and drop shadows
  175. tab stops not working in rule
  176. Reference a Frame in FusionPro Desktop
  177. Different tray / drawer pulls on the Xerox Nuvera?
  178. Part of image missing in postscript
  179. Image quality lower in VPS vs. PDF
  180. Fusion Pro PPML & Xeikon
  181. The Simple Life (courtesy of FP and JS)
  182. I need blank fields to not print.
  183. Composition Templates for Avery labels
  184. Drop Shadow??
  185. Interesting need.
  186. Variable Graphics with Javascript
  187. In-line graphic question
  188. Using a "Controller" in a JS Rule
  189. Proportionately reducing the content of a graphics frame?
  190. Indesign plug-in required when others use my documents
  191. Problem with variable textframe - text do not fit
  192. Static Artwork got supressed in final output.
  193. How to print different quantities as determined by database?
  194. Horizontal Alignment of Graphics
  195. Intelligent Mail Barcode
  196. Column width in Rule Editor
  197. I have a problem with spacing number in a font
  198. I have a question about the Mother Child function
  199. CS4 Compatibility
  200. Table row Height
  201. Missing Variable Text Editor
  202. Changing Output Format and records per file with javascript
  203. Multiple Records on One Sheet
  204. Background image in text frame
  205. 3skip numbering
  206. Determining Path for Inserted Graphics
  207. Installation Failure
  208. Outlined Type & Drop Shadows
  209. Reference variable PDF graphics in input data
  210. New to fusion pro
  211. Cannot Preview Document???
  212. Text Effects
  213. Overflow Pages
  214. Static graphics not appearing
  215. LOSING RULES after editing FLAT FILE DATA
  216. Mirror variable type
  217. Rule issues
  218. Indigo import failing on "All" separation
  219. Adjust text to fit - changes text baseline
  220. different number of pages per record
  221. Using external scripts
  222. Blank template
  223. Variable graphics not showing up in preview
  224. Does Acrobat crash when you do this...
  225. Multiple Page sizes
  226. Graphic Resource Sizing
  227. Pulling a slip sheet from specific paper tray from a rule based on data
  228. Text Frame Rotation
  229. Mac install, multiple users
  230. Leading Zeroes.
  231. First number all zeros.
  232. Type size limit and Large documents
  233. Spell Checking in FP?
  234. Composing 1.3 Version Pdfs
  235. Variable type on a path
  236. A rule to select one of several overflow pages
  237. Copyhole Composition Error
  238. Non Breaking Space Producing Boxes between spaces
  239. Copyfit with connected frames work, but vertical alignment is off
  240. Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  241. Need help seeing the obvious
  242. Applescript - ing dialogs of FusionPro
  243. Errors Both PC and Mac HELP!
  244. Barcode Font Chk digit question
  245. Problem with CurrentRecordNumber
  246. GS1 or RSS Barcode?
  247. Multiple Variable fields within Rule
  248. Using Tables
  249. return BodyPageName
  250. 'Offline' Programming for FP Desktop