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  1. Video Training for JavaScript
  2. Learning JavaScript
  3. Send Us Your Own!!
  4. multiple page pdf
  5. Trying to change font point size based on length of string
  6. Replacing text - complex?
  7. Code for "any" character
  8. If then else is null rule
  9. Add multiple text resources to a template
  10. Ask field * 1.5 rule
  11. Multiple Records in an Output file Sample
  12. Adding Double Space
  13. If/then statement troubles
  14. copyfitline description
  15. Rounding
  16. Overflow Text Options
  17. Variable text based on graphic choice
  18. Switching pages in a 3 page PDF
  19. Problems with a loop
  20. Help with rule calling background template
  21. Custom order of fields
  22. Upper Case some of the time
  23. 2D Barcode
  24. Accent character showing incorrectly in FP
  25. Batch Page Count and Record Page Count
  26. Continuous Page Count
  27. returning 2 page pdf (front and back)
  28. Ways to read external files, stored on disk
  29. Indent text if target field has a value
  30. multiple names rule
  31. 2 rule for one field
  32. Remove leading zeros
  33. Creating say a presrciption pad
  34. Split Text at /
  35. assigning variables via an array
  36. Access data file in ticket (sequential numbering) job
  37. Output File Names
  38. Add Blank Page After Each Page
  39. Multiple On Record Start Rules??
  40. Calculate reduction percentage
  41. Padding
  42. Continuous page count
  43. subscript not flush with top of price
  44. Superscript Multiple Characters
  45. Output to different files
  46. ExetrnalDataFileEx Question
  47. Suppressing Template For Blank Records
  48. OpenNewOutputFile and VDP Producer
  49. Simple Skip record script
  50. Deleting numbers after a hyphen OR using just the leading 5 numbers
  51. Suppress Pages
  52. Rounding Up
  53. Need a rule to output "TEXT" on a imposed template every 50 records.
  54. CopyFitLine
  55. Change color of "@" symbol
  56. Superscript Register Symbol
  57. If else statement based on the length of a text field?
  58. PDF417 Barcode error
  59. Suppress specific pages on two values
  60. Is JavaScript for FusionPro specific to the application?
  61. function call from an external JS file
  62. Javascript Syntax Error - FusionPro