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  1. Setting Ordinal Numbers with Superscript
  2. Remove the Currency Symbol from a String
  3. Setting the $ Character in Superscript for Prices
  4. SAMPLE - Creating Sequential Numbering
  5. Formatting Phone Numbers
  6. Concatenating Fields for Use with the CopyFitLine() Function
  7. Preventing a Company Name from Breaking Across a Line
  8. Adjust Line Leading Based on Line Count
  9. Applying Different Formatting for Letters and Numbers
  10. Applying a Specific Color to a Variable
  11. Applying a Specific Font to a Variable
  12. Applying Italics to a Variable
  13. Break the Line of Text if it is Too Long
  14. Force the First Character in a Field to be Capitalized
  15. How to Bold Face a Variable
  16. Phone Number with Label
  17. Repeating a Record for a Given Number of Times
  18. Inserting Multi-page PDF variable graphics
  19. Special Characters Included in Both MacRoman Encoding and Latin-1 Encoding
  20. How to adjust horizontal scale?
  21. Field placement based on certain fields being empty or populated
  22. Default email address
  23. A better CopyfitLine
  24. Move the word "The" from back to front
  25. Changing the fields that appear if a certain filed has <2 characters
  26. Replaceing letter
  27. Suppress dont work
  28. text resource and graphic
  29. I need help to show none type
  30. Returning content using ExternalDataFileEx
  31. Bullet Rule
  32. Need Help with Leading Rule
  33. Change colour of specific text
  34. Help with FusionPro Script for text flow issue
  35. Color from K to PMS
  36. Changing case of special characters?
  37. Word count
  38. page usage based on part of a string in data
  39. Force a line break
  40. Tabs not working?
  41. Colour Rule
  42. Add a field to a database after composition
  43. Different font colors within a rule
  44. Lowercase et uppercase in field name
  45. Random Letter Rule Always Returns Same Letter
  46. Can't rotate variable text frame in FusionPro
  47. formatting email rule
  48. comma rule
  49. Strip All Non-Alphanumeric Characters
  50. Crazy text in a field
  51. Add Field Name
  52. Formatting fields with prefills
  53. Alignment
  54. Tabstop Rule
  55. Error alert rule
  56. Horizontal Scale to Copy Fit a Variable
  57. Horizontally scaled type
  58. Zip codes rule
  59. Mysteries of the <span> tag revealed
  60. apostrophes and trademark
  61. deleting leading zeroes from data file
  62. Beveled text
  63. hanging indent
  64. tabstop within a rule
  65. trailing spaces in data
  66. Making Text Appear Highlighted
  67. Using Uppercase and TitleCase in the same document
  68. Suppressing Leading
  69. Days of the week and inserting "&"
  70. Trim file name in create resource rule
  71. Adding static text before a field
  72. Can I place a character in a FormatNumber function?
  73. Edit OnCopyfit for integer point sizes only?
  74. Opposite expression help
  75. Repeating tabs in <p> tag?
  76. Copyfit multiple frames with the same factor
  77. Bulleted List
  78. Changing Vertical alignment of text
  79. Character limits on multiple fields
  80. Need non-printing text
  81. Full Justification
  82. Change Super/Sub ratios
  83. Specific Bullet List Formatting
  84. Frames Move Down to Center Information
  85. Create Boxes in Text
  86. Take out a character from a field
  87. Formatting Multiple selections
  88. format date function problem
  89. Italicized Text
  90. Just have the last three digits from a field?
  91. Line break with a tab
  92. Prevent Small Caps rule from affecting numbers?
  93. Line break
  94. A single text frame with mutlipe column settings?
  95. Limit to a field length
  96. rule to convert negative dollars to use of parentheses
  97. Justification of text based on a field
  98. Tag that controls the space after a <br>
  99. Return resource based on length of field
  100. Complex if Statement for Biz-Card
  101. Customizing Format Phone rule
  102. Extra Space
  103. Vary Tab Stops in a Rule
  104. Extract Street Name from Address Field
  105. &amp; conversion
  106. Formatting text based on special characters
  107. Change The Color of Certain words in a string
  108. Text Formatting rule validates but returns nothing?
  109. Complex Price Format Rule
  110. style attribute in tagged text
  111. A way to call out "white" within a rule?
  112. Maintain decimal zeros
  113. Duplicate text frame
  114. how to remove text?
  115. Character Spacing
  116. Auto-populating a form
  117. Spacing between variables not suppressing
  118. Moving lines up if one line is blank
  119. Variable Orphans?
  120. Field Requires different font+size for first character.
  121. The TRIM feature
  122. Adding dashes for numbers and alphabet data
  123. 11 Digit Phone Format Rule
  124. Full State name to Abbreviation
  125. Hard Justify rule?
  126. &amp; Problem
  127. HELP!!! Copyfit Rule w/ Multiple Styles & Leading Issues
  128. How to use Trim - very basic!
  129. Trouble printing a greater than sign
  130. Trim data input and format
  131. Need to format date without year
  132. how do I underline Var data?
  133. Text replacement during run
  134. Javascript converting/format input of numbers
  135. Adding a line break in if/then statement
  136. Copyfit rule on seperate textfields
  137. linebreak with long email adresses
  138. Help! Need to format numbers in a string of text
  139. Help adding space to this script
  140. Inserting text based upon contents within a field
  141. Copyfit function on diffrent variables in the same textfield
  142. Centering left-aligned bullets?
  143. Signature into a text frame
  144. Return next months last day
  145. If data is blank, return a name
  146. include a file
  147. Extract First Name from Full Name Field
  148. keyline around variable type
  149. I NEED HELP!! Shades of Black
  150. Phone Number formatting for Bus Card
  151. Adding a superscript
  152. Do not want my entire line to supress
  153. Help Formatting email or "http://"
  154. How to make a language switch?
  155. Suppressing with multiple variables on one line
  156. multiple fonts in one variable
  157. Different Tracking Values for Different Characters in a Field
  158. multiple date formats
  159. Paragraph Spacing
  160. Using Opentype fonts glyphs
  161. Format Date in Spanish
  162. Need email tag after@ to be in bold
  163. Splitting Full Names
  164. Help with small caps
  165. More than one Space between in adressinformation - Business card
  166. Adding Bullet Points...
  167. Multiple headings in paragraph to color
  168. Need help with a city State Zip rule
  169. Changing font in a Rule
  170. set FusionProTextFrame object for columns
  171. Help! Need rule for unique character
  172. Text frames with Colour backgrounds
  173. size of a font return by copyFit function
  174. Supressing lines within a rule
  175. Formatting phone number fields
  176. Superscripting after a data character
  177. Get rid of a "." and replace
  178. rule for bullets between text
  179. change font help
  180. Vertical spacing for two address
  181. Suppress text with in rule
  182. split email variable and make break
  183. Help with Donation Amount variable text rule
  184. Return last 4 numerals from alpha-numeric variable?
  185. Two spaces in a row
  186. Help - CSV file drops Leading Zeros in Zip Code!
  187. Need Help With Punctuation
  188. Proper Case = Bad Address
  189. multiple fields in one variable
  190. Variable length text box with fill attribute
  191. Phone formatting
  192. Tough One
  193. Changing color of returned text?
  194. help with returning multiple resources on one line
  195. Fontproblem in a rule
  196. CopyFit - trouble with width adjustment and line leading
  197. RegEx does not preview like it validates?
  198. Format rule or function?
  199. Phone number formatting rule not working
  200. Rule to measure formatted text resource (text length)
  201. Creating a variable page pdf from graphics
  202. Trimming data
  203. Adding commas to numbers
  204. Line Spacing
  205. Exception to the AllCaps Rule for "&"
  206. Bullet points to show up when previewing
  207. odd or even records
  208. Commas and "and"
  209. Table with text measure for variable column width
  210. Need help to make field multi-line
  211. Copyfit warning if type does not fit after reduced size
  212. make underlines thicker
  213. Capitialize first two characters of string.
  214. Scale text proportionally
  215. Adding Spaces
  216. Conditional text if field has a value
  217. Empty field at beginning of sentence
  218. 1 character font change
  219. Fractions
  220. Text in Variable Text Editor too small
  221. Need help with text formatting rule
  222. Superscript within existing Switch rule template
  223. Vertical Alignment Rule
  224. Dollar Sign
  225. Capturing CopyFit size
  226. One Rule, two different fonts
  227. PhoneTabRule need different size...
  228. Horizontal Copyfit two line equally
  229. If, result help
  230. JS fix for LAST, FIRST
  231. Copy Fit three lines while retaining the "look" of absolute leading
  232. Set color for two complete text boxes with one "OnRecordStart" Rule
  233. Define line break point for overflow
  234. Changing Case for Names with Uppercase Letters
  235. 2 word labels
  236. Horizontal Scale Rule Ampesand Issue
  237. Add a character conditially if line does not break
  238. TextMeasure not working as expected
  239. Help with syntax, copyfitline
  240. Highlighted Variable text
  241. Line Break at a Hyphen with Rules
  242. Tagged Text Set Up
  243. Copyfit Question
  244. Suppress if empty in rule
  245. Need help with hide/show text frame
  246. How to change the Bullet Color Only?
  247. Using Small Caps with accented characters
  248. Multiple rows in a label
  249. First sentence of body text to be different color with regex
  250. Vertical Text Scaling while Sequentially Numbering