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  2. Avast, me hearties! There be a new Captain on ye Boards.
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  5. Where'd my post go?
  6. Inappropriate Personal Messages
  7. bring back the old newsgroup!
  8. FusionPro windows and palettes keep moving!
  9. Why not just have FP desktop run in "InDesign?"
  10. Round corners and text strokes
  11. Build or buy a PC machine?
  12. RANT: Not liking forum thread order
  13. copying multiple text and graphic boxes
  14. VDP Checklist
  15. Blacklisted IP ranges?
  16. Track My Mail - any users?
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  18. How to market Printable/Marcom features to clients
  19. Preview Template
  20. LOAD FONTS in the main FusioPro drop down
  21. stop installing the fonts
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  24. FusionPro Desktop as Intel Mac 64-bit Native
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  26. Postal One Reports
  27. Multiple Data files from customer and combining into one
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