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  1. Sequential Numbering
  2. Colour Rule
  3. JavaScript rule using Record Count
  4. Web-To-Print: Overwriting resource text
  5. Need a little instructions on how to apply a rule
  6. Alphabetize a list
  7. Storing User-Defined Functions
  8. Javascript for different point sizes in the same line
  9. Sequence Number
  10. Supress page based on variable
  11. Salutation for missing fields
  12. Multiple output records per input record with unique variables
  13. Different Font Size & Tracking for Numbers & Letters
  14. Data issue
  15. Spaces missing?
  16. PDF Page Insertion
  17. Using More than one OnRecord Start
  18. Conditional Operator ? less keystrokes : back to basics
  19. For a record, output some number of page 1
  20. Loop help
  21. need help taking information from uploaded exel file
  22. Can inputFileName be tested in (non callback) JS rule?
  23. Need Java Script Rule to Suppress Bullet
  24. On Record Start Page Usage-repeating a set of conditions
  25. Rule to add spaces in numbers
  26. Rule to start certain record numbers in certain ares of a layout
  27. FOR loop help please
  28. Simplex and duplex
  29. Check Digit Routine
  30. Multiple Compositions
  31. Issues with OnRecordStart
  32. Repeat Record
  33. Script needed when field is blank
  34. Page selection
  35. Repeat Records then create new page
  36. FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions
  37. Create multiple pdf files from the same data source
  38. Rule Library
  39. Need Help With Surpress Rule
  40. Changing font color of text frame
  41. Remove Hidden Page Content With JS
  42. Code Question
  43. Color Change Code
  44. SetBodyPageUsage
  45. Setting different output file for proof and press
  46. text wrap
  47. Adding a graphic into a text block
  48. Print page depending on even or odd pages
  49. Adding Custom Spacing
  50. Calculating date differences
  51. Returning Multiple Records
  52. ncr pads
  53. Relative File Paths
  54. Overflow page issue
  55. Custom color bar and slugline
  56. Dynamic Frame Position??
  57. On Call Page Selection
  58. custom XML log file
  59. Writing data back to the data source
  60. Decimals, keep some delete some
  61. Using external data, can I...?
  62. Statement
  63. Page Counts and Blank Pages
  64. Page numbers in the inner gutter on file with pages dropping in and out.
  65. Regular Expression Problem
  66. Time Calculation
  67. Different Font and Font Size in Email Field
  68. Arrays, more arrays & sorting?
  69. Javascript templates in zipfile?
  70. Writing an text file
  71. Horizontal Alignment of an Entire Text Frame
  72. OnNewOutputFile error
  73. Switch Rule and Ampersand
  74. Bullet List
  75. Sort Items
  76. Sort PDF Output
  77. Graphic rule works but preview doesn't?
  78. Empty field only suppress one way
  79. Can a rule be written for this?
  80. Format Date Rule - Run only once?
  81. Staggered tabs for kitting?
  82. Splitting lines
  83. Kitting and Stacking not playing nice together
  84. QR Code for contacts
  85. Continuous page count
  86. Dropdown menus for resources/text
  87. Question on Tabs
  88. External Data files record count
  89. Count Records
  90. Variable Lanyards
  91. Help with on record start error.
  92. Add Total Of column of Numbers
  93. Underline Rule
  94. Rule to find last comma and add space and word and after it.
  95. Tweak to JavaScript Global Rule
  96. % and $ rule
  97. QR Code for contacts
  98. Bullet Points
  99. Alter output when text exceeds frame?
  100. Javascript Rule to suppress pages at preview
  101. Rule to split file from data
  102. OnRecordStart - turn off PDF pages.
  103. How to place a 2 page PDF in 1 template page?
  104. Set a Field Value based on other Field Values
  105. Array filter function
  106. Dealing with a name that ends in "s".
  107. How to output Multiple data files?
  108. SetBodyPageUsage return two pages
  109. Output random assortment of records
  110. Accessing an ExternalDataFileEx hosted on outside server
  111. Turning on pages with overflow
  112. Assigning color in OnRecordStart
  113. Empty field and extra spaces
  114. Add a static back page to an overflow page
  115. Align image with text
  116. Calculate Distance with Geocode Information
  117. Write a case rule with exceptions
  118. Turn an image off based upon record count.
  119. Counting leaves - not pages
  120. Page Count Rule
  121. Need to create error message when user enters an underscore
  122. fusionpro frame susbsystem
  123. Record Count, Indicia & MarComm Central
  124. Moving frames in Javascript
  125. No first name rule?
  126. Help with code... tutorials or videos?
  127. Need help!
  128. Static text not bring recognized in OnNewOutputFile
  129. Can a rule control fill or line color for a container?
  130. onNewOutputFile callback is not running during composition
  131. Problem to format phone number
  132. How is it possible turn on and off IgnoreRecordRepeat in OnJobstart?
  133. Need help on a external data file
  134. A Rule associating with a comma and suffix of a name
  135. I don't understand this error message...
  136. How to make a delete space rule
  137. Tracking a Dollar Sign
  138. Page Cycle Rule
  139. Can text from 1 table overflow into another table?
  140. subtracting one number from another number
  141. ExternalDataFileEx and file encoding problem
  142. Controlling width, height, and position OnRecordStart
  143. How do I get the name of the current frame?
  144. Problem activating pages with SetBodyPageUsage
  145. Insert comma after text
  146. Changing Fonts for Numbers
  147. OnRecordStart rule TypeError:Field("RegTypeB").toTitleCase is not a function
  148. How Can I Create a Function?
  149. Determine if a text frame exists
  150. FusionPro and versioning?
  151. Apply Point Size In Rule
  152. Rules question
  153. Using Arrows
  154. Formatting International Phone Numbers
  155. Filenaming Script no longer works in FP8
  156. File output records based on data field
  157. Superscript from Data File
  158. insert a sentence if value of iform field is “x”
  159. Variable Input with Multiple Size Output with Multiple Quantities
  160. Indenting a second line
  161. How to formulate a rule…
  162. Adding commas and dollar signs
  163. Subtraction of Prices Not Working
  164. Maps
  165. Return image if variable Text frame overflows to next page
  166. Field Names
  167. Slipsheet on data change
  168. External data file
  169. Change Point Size in Rule
  170. If field empty return image
  171. Phone Format Rule
  172. Converting number to decimal in order to add percentages.
  173. Clever use for switch loop
  174. Adding custom CMYK builds
  175. Multiple if statements OnRecordStart
  176. Using template Pages
  177. Formatting Text (Numbers)
  178. External data Cross Reference and Output
  179. How Do I Get the Input File's Name
  180. Rotate Pg2 for Preview only
  181. Replacing a name with title, initial and surname
  182. Do you learn or just copy/paste?
  183. Multiple First Names and Initials Rule
  184. Copy Flowing Over Graphic
  185. Naming output file
  186. Set FP Expression Image in Loop
  187. Outputing Multiple Files based on data
  188. Paragraph formatting -- probably simple question
  189. Can I replace standard FP errors with custom ones?
  190. Can I use an imposition file (.fpi) with this code?
  191. Combine a Phone rule with a phone format rule
  192. Right aligned text with an Extension Number
  193. round down number
  194. Skip record or filtering the database
  195. And Comparison Rule
  196. Removing Spaces
  197. Rule for Phone Tags, Phone Numbers and Phone Separators
  198. Bullets
  199. Help with a rule
  200. Character count switch rule
  201. Suppressing Empty Fields in External Data Files
  202. Multiply result of rounding
  203. Use of JobOptions in Rule
  204. Issues with using quad tag
  205. Making a rule so it's not case sensitive
  206. Ignore Postcode and Using Just the postcode
  207. Zip code + 4 - add hyphen
  208. Using Graphics as Text & Profile Attributes
  209. How to read a multi-line text box field into an array
  210. Adding a space after a line break
  211. Using External Data File to Output to Several Different Fields
  212. Using repeatrecordcount & imposition
  213. Change color and size of text QR-code
  214. Excel Scanline Check Digit
  215. Count instances of variable in job?
  216. User Functions and Producer API
  217. Setting a Max Font Size
  218. Multiple Address Imprint from External Data
  219. Format Number-Dropping 0
  220. Using two Replace Functions in one field
  221. Wrap copy if over so many letters
  222. How to create new page on record change
  223. Move to new sheet when field changes?
  224. sum Total of a field
  225. Sequential Numbering + Quantity + Start Number = Frustration
  226. CopyFit Text & Leading
  227. Label output file with start record and end record
  228. Suppress a field
  229. Urgent! Need help with a rule!
  230. Create External Data File from Input File, then sort by a field
  231. Suppress Graphics on Output
  232. Form Validation
  233. Collapse Line of Text
  234. Marcom Template not Implementing Rule
  235. Bullet list - suppress
  236. Hide field if image is selected or uploaded
  237. How do I get the input PDF filename?
  238. Date from Excel won't format
  239. New to Javascript - External Data question
  240. OnRecordStart NOK on MarcomCentral
  241. If all three numbers are populated show alert
  242. Sequential Numbering
  243. Check variation of FusionPro
  244. Simple rule not working
  245. Output to multiple files AND keep pages together in pdf
  246. Centering text in variable width text frame
  247. search Name field for Initial. and replace with
  248. Letter and Form- second page is static with varying page count of variable
  249. Copyfit Warning when field is blank
  250. Preview/output chosen design (prev & output are different pages)