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  1. Access Job Options in OnNewOutputFile Rule
  2. Only insert first 4 populated fields
  3. Chunking files?
  4. FusionPro Rule Template Updates
  5. foreach rule to count non-empty fields
  6. Sequential numbering rule, with a twist
  7. Composing 2 records only
  8. If X, Y & X are Blank, then do this, else do that.
  9. Location of Email field based on CopyFit
  10. Type a bullet point in the English.js file
  11. EAN13 Barcode rule size change
  12. Overflow page and page usage inquiry
  13. Superscript and tracking issues
  14. Getting the line length of a curved frame
  15. Changing Point Size in a CopyfitLine
  16. Changing Case & Superscript in 1 Field
  17. OnRecordStart
  18. Need Help with inline graphic
  19. Input special characters between field values
  20. CopyfitLine and InLine Graphics
  21. Watermark with opacity
  22. Text on Proof only (i.e. Watermarks)
  23. Assiging a new value to a field
  24. Changing Text color using CMYK values
  25. Multi Lingual text Field
  26. Maybe I am over thinking this...
  27. Add a suppress rule to a Table
  28. delete all characters after
  29. Format Text Like a Phone number
  30. comparing numbers
  31. Change leading on hard return.
  32. formatting numbers
  33. 1 pdf, many pages
  34. Change compose output to alphabetical sequence
  35. Altering Page size
  36. Return multiple lines from XDF
  37. Formatting an array of values
  38. Calculate EndDate from Field "Month" and "StartDate" for EU?
  39. Sequential Numbering
  40. Linking Graphics
  41. rounding numbers
  42. Rewrite this Javascript rule
  43. CopyFit Font Error
  44. Word Spacing
  45. Multiple templates in one
  46. CopyFit Rule and TrueType Fonts
  47. text formatting
  48. Duplicate/repeat only page 1
  49. VDP fields
  50. Multiple PDF's with variable text boxes on different pages
  51. Insert multi-page PDFs from Multi-line records
  52. Return double the amount in a field
  53. Javascript
  54. Insert a graphic based on the field changing
  55. Output Files to Specific Directory with OnJobStart
  56. Issue with Date input
  57. Removing commas from inline graphics output
  58. Mail Merge
  59. Overflow, chained text frames, copyfitting multiple text frames
  60. Add $9.00 to an amount in field
  61. On Record Start
  62. OnRecordStart - applying to multiple pages
  63. Mass Entity Rule Possible?
  64. Assigning a value to a FusionPro Field in an OnRecordStart
  65. Page Usage not working as excpeted
  66. Simple rule to check input
  67. Ampersand problem
  68. Help with a rule for returning 1 -4 fields
  69. Field within quoted text
  70. How to generate order number
  71. Counting Instances a rule generates a certain output
  72. 2d Datamatrix performance
  73. Check for character
  74. Reference an Object in a Function
  75. Simple question for when a graphic file does not exist
  76. OnRecordStart Switching Pages
  77. Bolding Field within span and literal text
  78. Specific Font within rule change
  79. Table Question
  80. Variable Width Headings that Group Headshots by Teams
  81. Having trouble with first external data file
  82. Switching pages with on record start
  83. Parse data to determine page and extract data
  84. Skipping records based on field values and reverse skipping
  85. Multi line records
  86. Creating numerical lists from tagged data
  87. On record Start artwork choices
  88. Page Usage Based on Code
  89. MarcomCentral file name on PDF
  90. Checkbox Multi-Select Fields
  91. Text Measure Breaks
  92. Page Number and Count
  93. Limit the number of records read
  94. Compose Record # with field name for box labels
  95. Loop to fill sheet with records
  96. Pulling in PDF pages
  97. Hide pages on preview but show in composition
  98. All records not outputting ?
  99. Versioned Table of Geo-coded Locations
  100. Is it possible to switch Imposition Definitions OnRecordStart?
  101. Switch Rule for Graphic
  102. File format change rule
  103. ExternalDataFile tio build a page
  104. Printing every nth page
  105. Date error
  106. Java Script rule help
  107. Replace Symbol
  108. Increment an issue number in a File name