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  1. FusionPro VDP Version History Now Available!
  2. Fusion Pro Conference
  3. Printable™ Launches Enhanced Security Features For FusionPro® Web
  4. FusionPro Desktop 5.8P2c for Mac Now Available!
  5. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.0 Now Available!
  6. Free online training offer until Feb. 15th!
  7. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.0P1e patch release available
  8. New $995 pricing and unlimited URLs for FusionPro Links!
  9. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.0P1f patch release available
  10. Printable™ Recasts its Web-to-Print Solution as MarcomCentral™
  11. Printable Announces New AFP Output Capability
  12. Printable™ Announces SaaS DirectSmile® Integration
  13. Printable™ Announces EFI™ Monarch Integration
  14. Printable™ Launches Integrated Email Marketing Services
  15. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.1 for Windows Now Available!
  16. FusionPro Desktop v6.1 for Mac Now Available!
  17. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.1P1m for Windows patch release available
  18. FusionPro Links - January 2010 Release!
  19. FusionPro VDP Suite v6.2 Now Available!
  20. FusionPro Links - February 2010 Release!
  21. FusionPro VDP Suite v7.0 Now Available!
  22. FusionPro VDP Suite v7.1 Now Available!
  23. Winter Sale - Save up to 30% on FusionPro products through Dec. 15th
  24. Winter Sale - Today is the last day, Wednesday December 15th!
  25. FusionPro 7.2 Now Available!
  26. Follow PTI on social media!
  27. Positions available at PTI!
  28. FusionPro 8.0 Now Available
  29. SALE on FusionPro 8.0!
  30. Win a hat! We need one more client testimonial!
  31. Great PR Opportunity for PTI Customer
  32. FusionPro 8.1 Now Available
  33. PTI is hiring!
  34. PTI is looking for an Application Specialist!
  35. PTI is looking for a Graphic Production/FusionPro Application Specialist!
  36. FusionPro 8.2 Now Available
  37. FusionPro 9.0 Now Available
  38. FusionPro 9.1 Now Available
  39. Tis the Season for PTI’s Holiday Sale!
  40. FusionPro VDP 9.2 Now Available
  41. FusionPro VDP 9.3 Now Available
  42. FusionPro VDP 10.0 Now Available
  43. FusionPro VDP 10.1 Now Available